Help Dino to reach his dream!🦖

Like the Dino I also have a dream and it is to be a good game developer. This is my first game and I hope you will find it entertaining.

Comment me your thoughts about the game, I am always looking for ways to improve📈

If you enjoy it feel free to donate, I will use donations to buy the full version of Construct 3!


             1)Added design forv the page.

             2)Added Dino's growth mechanic.

             3)Fixed bug-blur textures.

StatusIn development
Release date 42 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Colorful, Cute, dino, Dinosaurs, freeplatformer, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds


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very cool, and cute game. but I think you should "smooth out" the character's collision, decrease some pixels, to make the collision with the thorns more acceptable, and diminishing those moments when the player thinks: "what? but I didn't even touch the thorn!", it's a little detail, more that will make your game much more fun! congratulations for the work !!


Thanks for your feedback!I was very happy when I read that you liked my game.I'm currently working on bugs and other problems.Hope you will return!


I found a bug, when you walk off a higher platform and land on a lower one, the dino run animation keeps playing, but the dino doesn't move. (I can move, I'm not pressing the arrow keys) Also, WASD should be other control keys. Finally, I may just be dumb, but when I get to the highest platform, and I jump to the side, nothing happens. I jump up off the screen? Nothing. How do I advance to the next level? Good game otherwise.

Thanks for your feedback!I will debugging game right now!


If I had money,I've donated


If taking into account that this game was created with a free version of Construct 3 it is pretty amazing

Thanks for your feedback!I'm soon coming in the news :D


The game is good. Is kinda amazing seeing this has been made with free construct 3.

But here is my sugestion, I'm no construcct expert but try to use the Dino sprite on 

it's original size and zoom the camera near the player. And watch for those 

collision boxes, ok? Keep working hard and your game will be great!

Thanks for feedback!I'll really appreciate it,and will take into consideration.


Completely true

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well its really good for a first time plus with the free version of construct 3 its pretty limited with fonts and layers so nice


Thanks so much for your comment!I will continue making games,better and better.